Geert Smits | Photography


Photographer. Sailing instructor. Catlover. Traveler.

Some years ago I was surfing the web and came across a nice cartoon: an adorable Witch with a black cat on her broom. And since I consider myself as someone with an opinion, a view, the name for my blog was born:



I am Dutch. So please forgive me my mistakes in grammar.

My photo’s are a reflection of myself. Some Photo’s are in combination with text, short stories and poems. All pictures are taken by me. All text is written by me. Portrait photography is way of life. Or should I say an addiction?

Last but etc. etc. I am a qualified and professional sailing instructor, coaching other sailing instructors to become better. And learning on the fly that sometimes they are much, much better than I am. They only don’t know it. Yet.. So I show them.

Before I forget: I am a professional photographer, specialized in portrait- and documentary photography, working out of Gouda, The Netherlands.




15 replies on “WhoistheWitch”

Thank you for visiting and following my blog, Geert. Three jobs! I can’t even imagine how busy you would be, but great job on your blog. (And your cats are adorable!)


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