Monochrome Monday – 42

Geert Smits fotografie | Gouda

Sanquin Rock   “to take a photograph is to participate in another person's mortality, vulnerability, mutability. precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time's relentless melt.”  ― Susan Sontag, On Photography Nikon D750 – Sigma 24-105mm ISO 6400 F5.6 1/80

Thursday Doors – Museum Doors

old versus new My twenty-third  entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Museum doors.  Old versus new. The door on the left is inside the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. I visited the museum to see an exhibition of Pieter Mondriaan, one of the most prominent Dutch artists of the 20th century and world-famous for his painting Victory Boogie Woogie.  The door … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Museum Doors

Thursday Doors – Deceptive doors

appearances can be deceptive My twenty-first  entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Deceptive doors. The door of the St-Jan Cathedral in Gouda is deceptively small. But if you enter you will discover one of the largest cathedrals in Holland. Not in volume, but in length. The church is dedicated to John the Baptist, the patron saint of Gouda, and was built during the 15th … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Deceptive doors

Thursday Doors – Stairs

doors with stairs My twentieth entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Doors with stairs. In a lot of apartment buildings you have to climb stairs before finding a door. Not the most beautiful doors but not that ugly either. But hey! Your home is your castle or something like that.  “I carry a door with me wherever I go, … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Stairs