Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

slotermeer-2e-paasdag - weekly photo challenge - Afloat

Afloat in Friesland This weekend I was sailing in the North of Holland, in Friesland. Friesland is the sailors paradise of the Netherlands. The only thing lacking was ... Wind. An essential ingredient for sailing. Left was an incredible sky with Stratocumulus and good company. Weekly Photo Challenge - Afloat

Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

butterfly sailing converge

Butterfly Sailing One of my favorite exercises to teach my sailing pupils after a long day training is 'Butterfly sailing'. Not an official technique, and certainly not something you want to do with beginners, it requirers a good sail trim and balance in the boat. The boats are tied together and have their sails set … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

Weekly photo challenge – Adventure

Adventure - weekly photo challenge

A decisive moment I left my employer in 2011 after 17 years to start my own company. But before becoming an entrepreneur I sailed offshore races with some friends. Leaving Amsterdam you follow the North-Sea channel in order to reach the North-Sea. Between Amsterdam and Zaandam, Kunstdrukkeriij Mercurius is situated on the waterfront. Sailing by I could … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge – Adventure

Gouda in 52 photo’s – Reeuwijkse plassen

Kind of Blue sailing |witchwithaview

Ok, I like to show off. Let me introduce my boat and my wife. First things first: my boat. Kind of Blue a is 6.40 metres dinghy class Randmeer. A Dutch national class 50 years old this summer. T he Randmeer class is the largest class in Holland with almost 2.000 boats build. We have … Continue reading Gouda in 52 photo’s – Reeuwijkse plassen