The Surveyed Female – 7

Extra Ordinary objects - charles ray

LOOKING IN THE MIRROR Tijd om zelf in de spiegel te kijken. Picture for Women is ontleed, de betekenis van Jeff Wall is opgeschreven maar de invloed die het werk op mij heeft is nog onvoldoende belicht. Laat staan wat ik ermee ga doen! En dat ga ik dan dus nu haarfijn uit de doeken … Continue reading The Surveyed Female – 7

Headshots and Tableau photography

Early in 2018 I started as full-time professional photographer. The best decision I ever made. Now, almost a year later the results are there: specialised in #Headshots and large-scale tableau photography. Not much time left for writing or participating in contests but very busy 🙂 making fotoshoots. Take a look at my companies website to … Continue reading Headshots and Tableau photography