The Surveyed Female – 5


The Photographer ‘We haven’t progressed beyond where we were when the medium was new, and we won’t. Photography is what its first practitioners said it was—pictures created by the controlled actions of nature, of light reflected from surfaces.’ -Jeff Wall- In 1975 zat Jeff Wall zat niet in mijn rugzak. We hadden geen rugzakken maar … Continue reading The Surveyed Female – 5

Weekly Photo Challenge – Weight(less)

weekly photo challenge weight(less)

Weight(less) "I was the place where you anchored. I was the deep water where you could be weightless. I was the surface where you saw your own reflection. You scooped me up in your hands." Jeanette Winterson   Weekly Photo Challenge - weight(less)

Cee’s Which Way Challenge #25

Hotel hallways Hotel Stella Etoile in Paris. A nice and modern hotel very close to the Arc de Triomph and the Tour de Eiffel. As always in Paris the rooms are not big but the shower was great!   Cee's Which Way Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge

Gone, but not forgotten A typical Dutch interior in the 70's. When I visited the Netherlands Open Air museum I was overwhelmed by memories of my youth. The colors, yellow, pink and purple, the kitchen and even the books could have been found in our house. The only difference is the car outside, a Renault 4. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

angular - weekly photo challenge

Walking in the Bijenkorf, a department store in The Hague, The Netherlands I made this shot. From the second floor it gives a good impression of the shopfloor seen from a different angle. Weekly photo challenge - Angular

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Hotel Plaza El Bosque Embro

Hotel corridors A new series for  Cee’s Which Way Challenge. The first entry is made in Santiago de Chili, in Hotel Plaza El Bosque Embro. I have seen a lot of Hotels and all the corridors are a kind of spooky. More to come! Cee's Which Way Challenge

Weekly photo challenge – refractions

Refractions and horses One of my hobbies is to drive horses. And if I am not doing it myself I like to watch them and make photo's. You can make spectaculair pictures if you stand next to the water basin. These pictures are taken at the Dutch championships.   Weekly photo challenge - refractions

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – The Yellow Line

The Yellow Line My third entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. A very personal one. A while ago I didn't feel well. So I decided to visit a doctor. Within five minutes I was on my way to hospital. In the end everything turned out to be ok, but at that moment I was scared speechless. Having … Continue reading Cee’s Which Way Challenge – The Yellow Line

De Bloggende Terrastijger – Brasserie Terminus Nord

Brasserie Terminus Nord is het eerste restaurant waar je tegenaan loopt als je Gare du Nord uitwandelt. Op de hoek van de Rue de Dunkerque en Bd de Denain kan je het gewoon niet missen. Sinds de oprichting in 1925 is het bezocht door miljoenen toeristen. Ik arriveerde om een uur of tien 's-morgens in Parijs. … Continue reading De Bloggende Terrastijger – Brasserie Terminus Nord

Weekly photo challenge – Street life

Gare du Nord Paris | witchwithaview

Street life at Gare du Nord - Paris Gare du Nord in Paris, France, is the epic centre of railways in Europe. One of the most exciting places there is. Street life is bustling. The first Gare du Nord was built by Bridge and Roadway Engineers on behalf of the Chemin de Fer du Nord … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge – Street life

Weekly photo challenge – Street life in Gouda

weekly photochallenge - Streetlife in Holland | Withcwithaview

Street life in Holland Holland is known for her Tulips, Dikes and Windmills. And of course for her bicycles. We have more bicycles than inhabitants. Most Dutch own more than one bicycle, often two or more. But please don't think we live in the stone-age. Rotterdam is the fifth largest harbor in the world and … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge – Street life in Gouda

Gouda in 52 photo’s – Huis van de stad

Huis van de Stand - Gouda | Witchwithaview

Het Huis van de Stad is gelegen in de Spoorzone van Gouda aan de noordzijde van het station. In 2006 kozen de inwoners van Gouda het ontwerp van het architectenbureau Soeters Van Eldonk van de architecten Sjoerd Soeters en Jos van Eldonk als hun voorkeur. Het ontwerp is geïnspireerd op het uiterlijk van de Goudse … Continue reading Gouda in 52 photo’s – Huis van de stad

My wifes new flute

After 20 years my wife needed a new flute. Being a gifted amateur she decided to buy a complete silver flute. So we jumped in the car in search of the ideal flute. At the store the expert lined up a stunning array of .925 silver flutes from Altus. After three hours and twenty minutes … Continue reading My wifes new flute

Gouda in 52 photo’s – Townhall

Gouda in 52 photo's | Townhall

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In 1395 the magistrates of the city of Gouda bought the market place from the lords of Gouda with the purpose to build a Townhall. It lasted until 1448 before the construction started. In 1459 the building was finished. In 1395 kocht het stadsbestuur van Gouda het marktveld van de … Continue reading Gouda in 52 photo’s – Townhall