Monochrome Monday – 13

Glasshouse Lighting   The picture is taken with a Lumix GH1 and a 14-120 mm lens.   ‘Developed’ in Photoshop cc 2016 with a Silver Efex Pro 2 filter with filmtype Kodak TRI-X and a red filter. This picture is part of a series I make on ‘Tram 1’ of the The Hague Municipal Railway Line (HTM)

Monochrome Monday – 12

Scheveningen Boulevard Scheveningen Boulevard is one of the most prestigious boulevards in the Netherlands. And by far out one of the ugliest. There is no cohesion between the waterfront and landscape. The only building worthwhile is ‘Het Kurhaus’, a hotel for the upperclass. Sadly it is surrounded by hamburger restaurants, pizza huts and so on. But.Continue reading “Monochrome Monday – 12”