Weekly photo challenge – Bridge

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam Oh, here we are at the bridge. I’m going to shut my eyes tight. I’m always afraid going over bridges. I can’t help imagining that perhaps, just as we get to the middle, they’ll crumple up like a jackknife and nip us. So I shut my eyes. But I always have toContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Bridge”

Monochrome Monday – Erasmus bridge Rotterdam

The Swan – Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam The Swan in Rotterdam is an outstanding example of the beauty of modern Dutch, and specific Rotterdam architecture. A fine object for Monochrome Monday. Designed by Ben van Berkel of the UNStudio the bridge presents the unity between the two parts of Rotterdam city. Until the opening aContinue reading “Monochrome Monday – Erasmus bridge Rotterdam”

Weekly photo challenge – Monument

Erasmus Bridge – Rotterdam – The Netherlands I was born in Rotterdam, 56 years ago. The city was still suffering from the Second World War. The city centre was destroyed in May 1940 causing thousands of victims. Rotterdam was a construction place for dozens of years. My playing ground as a kid was a wasteland.Continue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Monument”