Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Hotel Astoria

Hotel Astoria We have been on Holiday to Barcelona, Spain. So instead of staying in a business hotel we booked a romantic and old hotel in the centre of Barcelona. Hotel Astoria is at the Carrer de Paris, very close to the Rambla Catalunya. This is not the famous Rambla but a similar street leading up toContinue reading “Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Hotel Astoria”

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Museum boymans van beuningen My latest entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. A corridor in Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Boymans van Beuningen is a museum of modern- and contemporary art located in the centre of Rotterdam. It was one of the few buildings still standing in Rotterdam after the mei 1940 bombardement by the GermanContinue reading “Cee’s Which Way Challenge”

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Netherlands Architecture Intstitute My latest entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. A corridor leading to the entrance of the Netherlands Architecture Institute. Since 1993 the NAI has been accommodated in a striking building designed by Jo Coenen and situated on the edge of the Museumpark in the centre of Rotterdam. From 2013 on the NAI isContinue reading “Cee’s Which Way Challenge”

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – The Yellow Line

The Yellow Line My third entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. A very personal one. A while ago I didn’t feel well. So I decided to visit a doctor. Within five minutes I was on my way to hospital. In the end everything turned out to be ok, but at that moment I was scared speechless. HavingContinue reading “Cee’s Which Way Challenge – The Yellow Line”

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to heaven My second entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. In the Rotterdam Kunsthal, a cubic build museum in the center of Rotterdam, leads a stairway seemingly straight into the buildings next door. Or straight into heaven .. Cee’s Which Way Challenge #12