4 thoughts on “The Dutch Coast

  1. Believe it or not I lived at the Scheveningse weg at the end of the 70ties. Not long, but to have left an indelible impression on my mind. We lived a few doors down from the Kurhaus – the big house (at that time serving as a school) is gone now, but the same atmosphere is still there:)

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    1. Wow! Nice to have lived there! I love the beach, but Scheveningen .. These pictures are part of a series I make of all coastal cities in the Netherlands and believe me: there so many nice places! But of course you already know 🙂


      1. Was fortunate to live an hour away from the ocean for a long time her in the States too – not now, and I really miss it (maybe more the idea of being far!)

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      2. It sounds nice, but when you live at the beach on warm days the beach was overrun with people, so one ends up going to the beach on cold days, lol!

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