RIP – Chrissy

Weekly photo challenge | chrissy


She was only two years old and died after a long fight. We were not able to save her. In the two years we lived together we became the best friends. If I was struggling with myself she jumped on my desk and rested her head on my hand: ‘stop worrying Geert. I am always there to help you’.

This morning she sat on my lap. And rested her head on my hand for the last time.

I will miss you Kris-kras.

Chrissy – one sick kitty

Chrissy is our two year old Maine Coone. She is very sick. It started half year ago with little spots in her ears. After a while they covered her nose, her ears and her belly. It turned out to be an autoimmune disease. Pemphigus foliaceus. This disease attacks your own immunity system.


The vet ordered Dexoral to fight the disease. Dextoral is a type of prednison and if the autoimmune disease does not kill you the medicine does. Chrissy was doing well until a week ago. All of a sudden she stopped eating and developed a high fever: 39,9 celsius. Acute kidney failure. Ureum high in the 39 and creatine at 792. The vet gave her up.

But she didn’t want to quit and together we started fighting back. The reason? Chrissy was still very attentive and even tried to play with a toy ‘bird’. So we asked the vet if there was anything else we could try to make her recover. We could give her an infuse to keep her hydrated. So we did.

And after struggling for a week Chrissy started eating and drinking again. First small portions and today a normal portion of cow and chicken. The fever is gone and she is sleeping like a small kitten. It’s a little step forward and I know: it is still very likely that she won’t win this fight, but we continue together for as long as possible.

There is however one thing that makes me very angry. We informed the cattery of the disease Chrissy has but they ignored the message. The have another nest of six kittens with the same mother. Knowing that it is very likely one of these kittens also has an autoimmune disease.

We give Chrissy a fighting change. I trust she will make it!

Chrissy and the shower


Chrissy ligt zich lekker droog te likken nadat ze samen met haar zus Caya een bad hebben genomen. Je leest het goed: een bad. Tamelijk zeldzaam voor katten dat klopt. Onze Maine Coons zijn dol op water, en staan met me onder de douche … Als mijn vrouw er dan ook nog bij komt sta ik met drie dames onder de douche 🙂 Iemand moet het doen!

Chrissy is drying her fur after taking a shower together with her sister Caya. Indeed: a shower. Most cats hate water, but these two love water and even take a shower together with me … If my wife joins us I share the shower with three ladies 🙂 Somebody has to do it!


Weekly photo challenge – Dreamy

fabian and Geert dreaming - witchwithaview

A dreamy couple

My big friend Fabian is lying in my lap. We both dream our dreams. He is of course dreaming about Miss Kitty, the Persian next door and I …

Fabian past away in 2013 at the age of fourteen. I still dream of him.

fabian and Geert dreaming - witchwithaview

Weekly photo challenge – dreamy

p.s after writing this post I realized that dreamy is a little bit different from dreams. But ok! There is a lot of dreamy in dreams 😉