Travel theme – History

Travel Theme - History

Windmill De Roode Leeuw

My second entry to the Travel theme Challenge. The windmill Roode Leeuw (Red Lion) in Gouda The Netherlands.

De Roode Leeuw is among the oldest flourmills in the Netherlands. I made this picture on a very bright afternoon. And the blue is not photoshopped 🙂

Travel Theme - History

It is by the grace of the municipality of Gouda that you can still see this tower mill in all its former glory. The former owner and miller bought the mill in the 20th century to cut out his competitors. He even planned to have the mill demolished but, fortunately, he was persuaded not to do so. Next to the mill is a traditional shop where you can purchase self-ground flour. (source: welcome to Gouda)

Travel theme – History

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