Weekly photo challenge – Look up


Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort. –  Jane Austen

weekly photo challenge look upIn Holland we call this a Sunscreen but if the rest world agrees I don’t know 🙂

Walking in Rotterdam I made this picture 

Weekly Photo Challenge – Look up

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Look up

      1. I was just struck by the word as I wrote it and wondered its origin, sol being Italian for sun and found this “1610s, from Middle French parasol (1570s), from Italian parasole, literally “protection from the sun,” from para- “defense against” (see para- (2)) + sole “sun,” from Latin solem (nominative sol ; see sol ).”
        So yes, it is a sunscreen! 🙂

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