Thursday Doors – Doors with a history

thursdaydoors historic doors paleisnoordeinde

Doors to the pinnacle of power

My thirtiest (thirtieth) 🙂 entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Historic doors. These doors are backdoor to the Dutch Senate: De Raad van State. Far more important than the main entrance.

Let me first explain what the function is of ‘De Raad van State’.

The Council of State has two primary tasks, carried out by two separate divisions. The Advisory Division, as its name implies, advises the government and Parliament on legislation and governance, while the Administrative Jurisdiction Division is the country’s highest general administrative court. The basis for these responsibilities can be found in articles 73 and 75 of the Constitution.

Like the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Netherlands Court of Audit and the National Ombudsman, the Council is one of the High Councils of State. These are bodies regulated by the Constitution, which carry out their tasks independently of the government. (bron Council of State)

thursdaydoors historic doors raadvanstate

But why is the backdoor the most important? Take a look at the second picture 🙂 This is the main entrance of Paleis Noordeinde. The palace King Willem-Alexander is using as office. He does’nt live there of course. Nobody, well almost nobody lives at the office, don’t they? So he has some spare palaces around the country.

The door of the Council of State is direct opposite to palace Noordeinde, the King being Chairman of the Council just walks to the other side of the street. Not that he ever visits but …

thursdaydoors historic doors paleisnoordeinde

Taken with a Lumix GH1 and a 14-120 mm lens.

This picture is part of a series I make on ‘Tram 1’ of the The Hague Municipal Railway Line (HTM)

#ThursdayDoors is a post series run by Norm Frampton. If you like interesting doors, visit his site and check out what people are sharing today. Thursday Doors 21 April

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Doors with a history

  1. Love the rounded steps up to the door! Our son has been living in the Hague for the past 5 years, so we were there 3 years ago very close to these buildings (to go to a restaurant frequented by students). Actually hubby and I went to school in the Hague too – our weddings pics were taken in front of the Peace Palace -so it’s a city dear to my heart!

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    1. I really love Den Haag. It has grandeur. My wife works at the Ministry of Health and I visit her office once a week and take the opportunity to snap some pictures 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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