Thursday Doors – Doors with a history

Het Swanenburghs Hofje

My twenty-seventh entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Doors with a history. But. This door is no door at all … Sorry! I developed the image (digital processing is also developing. Sort of anyway) made the post and published it. And then realised: this is no door.

It’s a gate. But a very old gate and access to a lot of doors because a ‘Hofje’ is an enclosed living community. Founded in 1692. So for this week I stick to it 🙂 You have to believe me on the hugh amount of doors inside. It is not appreciated to make pictures inside.

thursdaydoors hofje gouda

#ThursdayDoors is a post series run by Norm Frampton. If you like interesting doors, visit his site and check out what people are sharing today. Thursday Doors 31 March

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  1. A doorway with any sort of door or gate works and remember, some of us have stretched the “rules” even farther than this. It’s lovely.



  2. Rob Alberts says:

    Deuren en hofjes blijven mooi fotomateriaal geven.
    Mooie foto

    Vriendelijke groet,

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  3. joannesisco says:

    I love these little arched entrance-ways leading into an interior courtyard. The open gate looks so welcoming. Too bad they frown upon taking photographs.

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  4. It might not be a door but I kind of like it so that’s ok!!

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  5. jesh stg says:

    Somehow it sounds familiar (remember I’m Dutch), but I can’t place the location! My guess is people still live here? love the old look:) Have a great weekend!


  6. It’s a lovely arched entrance and we can just about see where some of those doors are. I love the coat of arms on the top, with the swans. Very nice.

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    1. joannesisco says:

      Good eye! I hadn’t noticed the little swans 🙂

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  7. Norm 2.0 says:

    A gate, a door…it’s all good 🙂 and I love that brick pathway too.
    Nice choice, thanks for sharing it!


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