Thursday Doors – Doors with a history

thursdaydoors hofje gouda

Het Swanenburghs Hofje

My twenty-seventh entry to Norms Thursday Doors. Doors with a history. But. This door is no door at all … Sorry! I developed the image (digital processing is also developing. Sort of anyway) made the post and published it. And then realised: this is no door.

It’s a gate. But a very old gate and access to a lot of doors because a ‘Hofje’ is an enclosed living community. Founded in 1692. So for this week I stick to it 🙂 You have to believe me on the hugh amount of doors inside. It is not appreciated to make pictures inside.

thursdaydoors hofje gouda

#ThursdayDoors is a post series run by Norm Frampton. If you like interesting doors, visit his site and check out what people are sharing today. Thursday Doors 31 March

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Doors with a history

  1. Somehow it sounds familiar (remember I’m Dutch), but I can’t place the location! My guess is people still live here? love the old look:) Have a great weekend!


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