Fifteen again

Do I still love her?

There I was. Sprawled out in my favorite chair at my favorite pavement café, drinking Coke (it is January and I was stupid enough to promise not to drink beer for a month) and suddenly there she was.

The girl I adored in High School. Some time ago I ‘found’ her by ‘coincidence’ on Facebook. No way. Facebook has a pretty good search engine … Her last profile picture was looking more than good. Of course I liked it. Safe to do, no way I will ever meet her ’in real life’. I thought …

Ok. What’s next? Say hi, smile and get the hell outta Dodge? Or say hi, kiss her and continue where I stopped forty years ago? So to speak of course because if I continued where I stopped then I … I better leave that to your own imagination.

Time stood still. She was even prettier as I remembered.’You have grown your hair. Last time we were together you had it cut short.’ She laughed. ‘Yeah, who says! You were the one with the long hair’.

Was I flirting? Watch yourself mate. This was very special, musing over old dreams, telling stories over former schoolmates, friends and teachers, lovers and impossible loves. She rememberers the music I loved. No idea what music she liked. But her eyes I never forgot.

Her eyes were just as beautiful as in 1973. The same green eyes I remembered. Her long, ash blond hair fluttered in a sudden wind gush… She bent over and kissed me on the lips. And I kissed her. Forty years disappeared. Fifteen again.

A terrace in January? Thank you Global Warming. Good for inspiration.

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

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