Thursday Doors – College Doors

College Doors

My fourteenth entry to Norms Thursday Doors. College Doors. In 1925 in Gouda the Casimir school was founded. The school has a rich history and is based on the Dalton Plan.

The Dalton Plan is an educational concept created by Helen Parkhurst. It is inspired by the intellectual ferment at the turn of the 20th century. Educational thinkers such as Maria Montessori and John Dewey influenced Parkhurst while she created the Dalton Plan. Their aim was to achieve a balance between a child’s talent and the needs of the community.

The Dalton Plan was introduced in 1914 by Parkhurst at the Children’s University School (now the Dalton School) in New York City, a private school. It was adopted in the state schools of Dalton, Massachusetts, four years later. At her request it was afterwards known as the “Dalton Plan.” The idea behind the plan was to give grammar school pupils the freedom and opportunity to develop initiative and self-reliance. This allowed older children to be introduced to the Dalton Plan.

The most intriguing part is for me the typeface used. If anyone recognise it please tell me. I want to use it in a future cover design.

casimir school

thursdaydoors gouda college ulo

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