Photography Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

Meissen Porcelain – Ornate

DE STAATLICHE PORZELLAN-MANUFAKTUR MEISSEN GMBH. A visit to the oldest porcelain manufacturer of Germany. I was invited to visit Herr Dr. Tillman Blaschke, the CEO of Meissen to talk about gold coins and porcelain. I am working on a design to make a combination of these two materials. The Meissen factory is also a museum. After the meeting I was honoured with a private tour where I took these pictures.

To give you an idea about the extravaganza: all the objects are handmade and hand painted. Some are over a 100 years old. You can order replica’s from them. Also painted by hand. Prices start at a staggering 125.000 us for a small vase …


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

By Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

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