Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Netherlands Architecture institue - witchwithaview

Netherlands Architecture Intstitute

My latest entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. A corridor leading to the entrance of the Netherlands Architecture Institute.

Since 1993 the NAI has been accommodated in a striking building designed by Jo Coenen and situated on the edge of the Museumpark in the centre of Rotterdam. From 2013 on the NAI is the home base of The New Institute, the organisation that is the result of the merger between the NAI, Premsela, Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, and Virtual Platform, knowledge institute for e-culture. The building houses important archives and collections of Dutch architects from after 1800 and makes them accessible to the public.

Netherlands Architecture institue - witchwithaview

Cee’s Which Way Challenge #15

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

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