Weekly photo challenge – humanity

weekly photo challenge - humanity

Lack of humanity

I take the liberty to use this weekly photo challenge to memorize the opposite of humanity. Visiting Berlin last autumn I walked around the Holocaust Memorial and was overtaken by the lack of humanity. Not only the absence of people, it was an early Sunday morning, but also the meaning of the concrete ‘statues’ was overwhelming.

weekly photo challenge - humanity

Weekly photo challenge – humanity

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – humanity

  1. O, zo graag weer terug naar Berlijn. Eens geweest, voor altijd verkocht. Het regende toen ik bij het Holocaustmonument was. En het was herfst. Dwalen en denken. Over zinloosheid…..


  2. I never saw it, I only know that not everyone is happy with that in Germany. The question is: is there any solution to present an art-form for what has happened? I’m sure, there is no need for such a dimension which could be related to facist architecture and anti-tank defence. An alternative example in Frankfurt proves that: http://insellos.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/namensblcke/
    And there’s something more, I’m asking myself: Is there a Dutch monument related to what happened in Indonesia before and AFTER 1945?


      1. Ik was gelukkig om er te zijn in november 1989 toen de muur net open was maar nog niet ‘gevallen’. Heb er ook wat fotos van staan op mijn site. Wil graag weer terug om te zien wat er allemaal veranderd is en vooral wat dwalen door straten en zo maar schieten!


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