Photography Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly photo challenge – Adventure

A decisive moment

I left my employer in 2011 after 17 years to start my own company. But before becoming an entrepreneur I sailed offshore races with some friends. Leaving Amsterdam you follow the North-Sea channel in order to reach the North-Sea.

Between Amsterdam and Zaandam, Kunstdrukkeriij Mercurius is situated on the waterfront. Sailing by I could not resist, laughing, to toast to their health. In retrospect it was the right decision to make. In 2012 most of the company was sold to an investment company and this year that company went bankrupt.

Adventure - weekly photo challenge

This picture symbolizes an adventure in two aspects: the start of my own company and the trust I had in the 70 year old sailing yacht! Both adventures went well. Starting my own company was a great succes and the sailing was great. I never regretted both.

Weekly photo challenge – adventure

By Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

11 replies on “Weekly photo challenge – Adventure”

Bravo to you! It took courage , determination and a deep down belief in yourself to do what you did after so many years. Thank you for sharing. Your personal adventure is an inspiration to the rest of us.

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