Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

Selfie of Caya and Geert - Gouda | Witchwithaview

Nineteen forever

First of all: I am Dutch. So please ignore my mistakes in grammar and forget the fairytales about Tulips and Windmills 🙂 And yes, we have them too …

Right. I share my World on my blog WitchWithaView. A reflection of myself. Photo’s in combination with text, short stories and poems. Sometimes, but not often a political statement or an article on e-marketing or writing for the internet. I am a Graphic Artist but don’t work in that profession. I have three jobs at the moment. Not counting being a husband to my wife and a servant to my cats of course.

I make a living dreaming up and designing (marketing) concepts for the oldest company in The Netherlands, and one of the oldest companies in the World: The Royal Dutch Mint. Established in the late Middle Ages we are now a modern manufacturer of Euro’s and more than thirty other currencies. I get even paid for it! My second job I already revealed. I write. For the internet, SEO and SEA. And believe it or not, they also pay me for my hobby! (I most be doing something good … but what?)

Last but etc. etc. I am a qualified and professional sailing instructor, coaching other sailing instructors to become better. And learning on the fly that sometimes they are much, much better sailors than I am. They only don’t know it. Yet.. So I show them.

The Four Questions I Have To Answer

  • For your blog do you basically use Windows or Mac, laptop, desktop or pad? I use a Macbook Air. And an Ipad 4. And an Iphone 5s. And I even blog using my Galaxy S4. But I write on a notepad. A Moleskine softcover. With a pencil. I never erase something I have put down on paper. Of course I rewrite the draft using one of my Macs. I own two of them … Sorry for not being modest.
  • As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Apart from being loved by everybody? Nothing special. The dream every boy dreams: a firefighter, jet pilot, racing driver, ocean sailor and daredevil in general. Oh, I forgot to mention Pastor … My Father was a Pastor, and he was unbelievable good in preaching. A positive, inspiring man who sadly died at 54 … Apart from being a Sailor and daredevil my dreams did not come through. I had (have) other talents.
  • Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? Difficult to say. Rotterdam is a big city in Holland but a small city compared to London, Paris or New York. I liked living in a city that has, in the sixties, seventies of the last century, the biggest harbor in the World. Seeing the Ocean Liners leave for the Americas, watching the cranes, it was a sight never to forget. Yes, I liked growing up in a city. Going to clubs at 18, my first job, my first love …
  • How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Easy question, difficult answer. Nineteen. I was sitting at the kitchen table making a sketch for a class in college. The phone rang and my girlfriend walked over to answer it. My Mother was on the other end. A moment I never shall forget. My girlfriend went ashen and told me that my Father had died. Visiting the Mont St-Michel in France. Time stood still. I finished my drawing without realizing the impact of the message. Until recently I lived to outlive the age of my Father. Yes, nineteen it is. Nineteen forever.

Cee’s Share Your World week 15

Published by Geert Smits

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Writer | Dutch | Rotterdam

4 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

  1. Nice story of your life. Thank you for sharing it. Losing someone we love is always painful, that is because there has been so much joy along the way…


  2. I like your story about being 19. Sorry your father died when you were so young. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks ever so much for participating.


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