The Two Scariest Charts In Europe

Ik kwam dit bericht tegen op welingelichte kringen. Het zet me wel aan het denken. En beangstigt me behoorlijk.

Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are contracting at a 2%-5% annualized pace, and unemployment in Spain and Greece is sky-rocketing (1st chart). These levels are notable from an historical perspective. As shown in the 2nd chart, 20%+ unemployment was the level at which National Socialists in Germany began to take seats away from liberal democratic parties during the 1930’s.

If the jobs picture does not improve, other EU policy decisions may not matter much!

Spanish and Greek Unemployment

Unemployment and The End of Liberal Capitalism 1930s

Source: JPMorgan

Finally for all those who vehemently claim this can never happen in Europe, feel free to click on the logo below:

Bron: zerohedge

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