Travel Theme - History

Travel theme – History

Windmill De Roode Leeuw My second entry to the Travel theme Challenge. The windmill Roode Leeuw (Red Lion) in Gouda The Netherlands. De Roode Leeuw is among the oldest flourmills in the Netherlands. I made this picture on a very bright afternoon. And the blue is not photoshopped🙂 It is by the grace of the municipality of Gouda that you can still see this tower mill … Continue reading Travel theme – History

Travel theme - weather

Travel theme – Weather

My first entry to the Travel theme Challenge. Weather is the most discussed topic on earth I think. Everybody is feeling the effects of weather everyday! The weather in Holland is famous for her glorious skies. So my first entry is a photo from a sky filled with Cumulus congestus above the Dutch coast on a beautiful Wednesday morning in August. Travel theme – Weather Continue reading Travel theme – Weather

weekly photo challenge - rare

Weekly photo challenge – Rare

Rare – New Babylon by Constant In 1956, the Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuys started working on a visionary architectural proposal for a future society; he didn’t stop for almost twenty years. Having been a co-founder of the Cobra group of artists in the late forties, he abandoned painting in 1953 to concentrate on the question of “construction”. He became a founding member of the Situationist … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge – Rare

thursday doors - typical Dutch

Thursday Doors – Typical Dutch

Typical Dutch This is typical Dutch. No rules for me, only for the others. Nimby’s Not In My Back Yard. Or in this case: who cares that the emergency exit is blocked …😦 Standard door i am afraid. Thursday Doors is a post series run by Norm Frampton. If you like interesting doors, visit his site and check out what people are sharing today. Thursday … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Typical Dutch

thursday Doors - Historic doors in Gouda

Thursday Doors – Historic Doors

Historic doors in Gouda These doors are in the Spieringstraat in Gouda, The Netherlands. In the first half of the 13th century the houses were build as part of the cityplan together with the harbour, the Peperstraart and the Groenweg. Located in this street since the ‘Reformation’ in 1572, but long gone and replaced by these houses, have been the Margeretha convent, the city orphanage … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Historic Doors

thursdaydoors - governement doors

Thursday Doors – Government doors

Doors to the Ministry of General Affairs The Binnenhof (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɪnə(n)ɦɔf]; English: Inner Court) is a complex of buildings in the city centre of The Hague, next to the Hofvijver lake. It houses the meeting place of both houses of the States General of the Netherlands, as well as the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. … Continue reading Thursday Doors – Government doors